Teach with Blocks

Why Blocks?

Students learn when they’re engaged – in reading, in-class assignments or homework. Blocks are based on years of research on students persistence in math software.

7 Gen Blocks EDU comes with four types of resources to make implementation easy.

Because we know teachers already have too many demands on their time, we’ve jumpstarted game building with ready to use components to include as-is or modify.


Suggested math problems aligned to standards. These can be included in your game with or without modification.


Sample scripts for game narratives. Don’t know have a story to start? We have an award-winning writer to give you a hand.


Standards-aligned lessons include games made with blocks. Use as-is, incorporating example games made with blocks, modify or simply peruse to see how blocks can be implemented.


No more cutting out shapes, buying packages of candy to sort. 7 Gen Blocks comes with mages for math problems, including fractional shapes, number lines and objects


Visual novel backgrounds, including backgrounds with diverse characters

Math Images

Images for math problems, including fractional shapes, number lines and objects


Artwork for search games (and other games to be added)


* Software is front-loaded with narrative and games before the math problems (so students are ‘hooked’).

* Game content and instructional content alternate in short time intervals.

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