Best Friends

I have had a few best friends in my life. I currently have 2 BFFs, and they have been my best friends for 6 years. We will hopefully be BFFs forever (hence the name BFFs (Best Friends Forever)).

I miss my best friends. We have big plans for after COVID-19/quarantine. We are going to go to a ton of restaurants, We are also going to have a huge sleepover for a few days. We are going to go to a candy store and get lots of candy. We are basically just going to do a lot of fun things. Those are my plans for after COVID-19/quarantine with my friends.

We have done lots of fun things together. We have had a sleepover. We have also been out to eat together quite a few times. We have also seen a few movies together. Those are some of the things that we have done together.

Those are some things about my best friends. I hope that you are doing well and staying safe.

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