Quarantine Food

During quarantine I have a few foods that I need to survive. I have to not let myself eat all of it in one sitting, which is pretty hard.

I love chips, lots of different kinds of chips. I love Lays chips. I love BBQ Lays chips. They taste really good. I also like Lays Salt and Vinegar, which also taste really good. One other Lays flavor that I really enjoy are Limòn Lays. Those are some Lays chips that I really enjoy.

I also really like candy. I love Twizzlers. They are my favorite type of candy. They taste really good. I also like semi-sweet chocolate chips. They aren’t too sweet or too bitter, perfect. One other candy that I like mini M&M’s. They are the perfect size. Those are my favorite types of candies during quarantine.

I also love frozen treats. I love Caramel Cone Ice Cream. I love the little crunch and it tastes really good. I also love the caramel flavored ice cream. I also like Strawberry Outshine popsicles. Those are my favorite frozen treats during quarantine.

Those are some of my favorite food during quarantine. I would talk about meals, but that is a different article. I hope that you guys stay safe during these rough times.

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