Quarantine Meals

Quarantine is really getting to me, especially with my food. I can’t eat all my food in one sitting. My meals though are getting really yummy. Here are a few of the meals that I eat a lot during quarantine.

I love to eat Asian food. I love ramen. I also love gyoza and potstickers. Another “side” that I like are vegetarian spring rolls. I also like to eat those with some white rice (with soy sauce) and edamame. That is what I eat whenever I have asian food for dinner.

I also like Italian food. I love garlic breadsticks a ton. They taste so good. I also like to eat pasta with butter. One other thing that I like eating if I have Italian food is cheese pizza. Those are some things that I would eat if I was having Italian food.

One other type of food that I like is what I call Eva food. I have chicken when I have “Eva food”. I also like to eat bread when I have “Eva food”. One other thing that I like when I have “Eva food” is white rice. Those are some of the things that I like whenever I have “Eva food”.

Those are some of the meals that I like while I am stuck in quarantine. Stay safe and inside.

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  1. My quarantine food has been a lot more home cooked meals because we are at home. Yesterday I made beef stew. I also made manicotti, spaghetti with meat sauce, meatloaf and scalloped potatoes. Not all on the same day. Ellie and I also baked a lot of chocolate chip cookies

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