Quarantine Ideas

Stuck at Home

During this quarantine we are all stuck at home. Most of us are stuck in our homes and just trying to stay entertained. I for one am having a very hard time trying to figure out things to do. This will hopefully help you stay entertained and sane during quarantine.

You could build a fort with pillows and blankets around the house. You could also read a book (this would be a really good time to start reading a series that you want to read). You could also paint or draw if you are an artsy person. One other thing that you could do is do a craft with household supplies. Be creative!

You could also play outside, like soccer or catch in your backyard. Another thing that you could do is go on a walk to get some fresh air and relax. One other thing that you could do is binge watch a TV series that sounds good. You could also then have a movie night with lots of different snacks.

If you like designing things you could build a zoo out of items around the house and build it like a zoo near you. If you are a more techie person, you could start a website. You could make your website a blog. If you want to bond more with your family you may want to have a family game night.

If you are bored you may also just want to chill of your phone. I like to chill of Instagram and scroll through my feed. I also like to look at TikTok and especially my friends’ accounts. There are also a ton of good games on phones. I recommend Murder in the Alps, Candy Crush, and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, which are all free.

If you miss your family and friends, you could FaceTime them and just talk. If you wanted you could start a YouTube channel. One last thing that you could do is just take a nap to pass the time.

Those are some things that if you wanted, you could do to pass the time during this quarantine. Stay safe!

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